World Sports Fishing Federation 

​​​​​​​New Zealand Chapter

Statement of Intent

Fishing, which has such a long history, is part of human life. It is both leisure and a sport. Fishing in which all mankind commonly pleasure, should not remain within the frame of a tournament and event confined to the national boundary, but be promoted on a world level.

Through a wide discussion among the board members and players who came to participate in the first Sports Fishing Champion Cup, a conclusion was reached that the World Sports Fishing Federation, which can be regarded as the UN in the fishing world, needs to be established, in order to create a stronger bond among the anglers of the world. The establishment of World Sports Fishing Federation may offer an opportunity to increase international exchange and to strengthen the relationship among nations. It will further ensure the continuation of the Fishing World Cup, and in the end, achieve the worldwide recognition of fishing as a legitimate sport. 

In this era of the global village, we hope that the World Sports Fishing Federation serves as a base not only for the development of fishing community but also for world peace and unification.