World Sports Fishing Federation 

​​​​​​​New Zealand Chapter


During the 1st Sport Fishing World Champion Cup which was held at Hirado city in Nagasaki Prefecture between the 16th and 19th of October 2001 the officials and representative players from 35 countries of 6 continents agreed upon the intent of the World Sport Fishing Federation. The international organization of the UN allowed the continuation of the Fishing World Cup to be ensured.

Through a preparatory meeting the Articles of Incorporation were passed and the board members were elected.

Over 500 representative players and officials attended the inaugural convention to establish the World Sports Fishing Federation.

The 21st century is called the Pacific Rim Era.

In order to support the rising world populations that will be a possible cause of lack of food resources, the exploration and preservation of the oceanic resources are inevitable.

To overcome this issue, the oceans, rivers and lakes that lie at the borders between nations should never be the reason of conflict over these resources for the benefit of individuals, but instead, support the community through international cooperation.

In order for World anglers to gather together to enhance their fishing skills and to promote through fishing cultural exchanges among the people of the world, WSFF organizes the Sport Fishing World Champion Cup to foster a peaceful vision, resolve oceanic resource problems and advance peace in our global village.